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Solomon Awards 2017 Winners Announced in Dallas

A wide ranging group of 35 projects were awarded Solomon Awards for 2017 at the WFX Conference & Expo in Dallas, ranging from AVL design projects to building design projects.
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Solomon Awards 2017 Winners Announced in Dallas
By Andres Caamano · October 11, 2017 • A wide ranging group of 35 projects were awarded Solomon Awards for 2017 at the WFX Conference & Expo in Dallas, ranging from AVL design projects to building design projects.

Winners for New Product Awards 2017 Announced in Dallas
By Andres Caamano · October 11, 2017 • Forty-nine entrants were judged among some of the latest and most intriguing products specific to the house of worship market, with the winners named at the WFX Conference & Expo in Dallas on Wednesday.

Focus on Spiritual Health Leads Tech Leaders Retreat Panel Talk
By Andres Caamano · October 10, 2017 • One of the most common words that came up repeatedly from each of the panelists was the element of relationships.

Impressive Array of Entrants For New Product Awards 2017
By Andres Caamano · October 5, 2017 • This year's New Product Awards entrants for 2017 provided a wide scope of solid considerations for those that will be awarded onsite at WFX in Dallas this year.

Latest Church-Optimized Elation Lighting Slated To Be On Display At WFX
By Andres Caamano · September 28, 2017 • Elation Professional will have on display the Artiste DaVinci WH™, the WW Profile HP™, and the Fuze Par Z175™, among others at the WFX Conference & Expo in Dallas, running from October 10-12.

New Product, Solomon Awards Winners to Be Recognized in Dallas
By TD Staff · September 20, 2017 • Worship Tech Director and Worship Facilities is slated to recognize the most notable house of worship projects and products, with winners to be awarded at the WFX Conference & Expo next week.

Training, Products, More All Part of WFX Conference & Expo
By TD Staff · August 30, 2017 • More than 225 exhibitors will represent audio, video, lighting, furnishings, construction, design, fundraising, digital signage, security, and software industries, along with many more, at the conference on October 10-12 in Dallas.

Special Features Broaden 2017 WFX Conference and Expo Learning Experience
By TD Staff · August 11, 2017 • Among the additional features available to attendees in Dallas this year will be general sessions with worship provided by Integrity Music worship leaders.

WFX Conference, Integrity Partner to Create Inspiring WeAreWorship Conference
By TD Staff · August 1, 2017 • The WeAreWorship Conference, slated for October in Dallas, will feature in-depth worship team training taught by Integrity Music artists, songwriters and musicians.

For Lawo, First Console Install in a Church a Rousing Success
By Andres Caamano · July 25, 2017 • Since Granger Community Church in Indiana installed two consoles prior to Christmas, a 'partnership' has blossomed.

WFX Conference and Expo Moves to 5-Conference Format, Specialized Keynotes
By TD Staff · July 17, 2017 • Each conference (Tech Arts, Next-Gen Buildings, Church Communications, Safety and Security, and WeAreWorship) in Dallas will pack in individualized training, inspiration.

Paul Baloche to Deliver Opening Keynote at WFX Conference & Expo 2017
By TD Staff · June 27, 2017 • Keynote by the three-time Dove Award winner will explore how teams can appreciate and understand one another’s roles and work together to live this commission out in present day.

2017 WFX Conference & Expo Offers Role-Specific Training, Team Collaboration
By TD Staff · June 7, 2017 • Five individual conferences at Dallas for WFX will offer their own keynote speakers, educational sessions, peer group discussions, boot camps and more.

WFX Conference & Expo: An Experience That Will Change Your Church
By TD Staff · June 2, 2017 • This October, the conference will offer you an ideal opportunity to find the answers to your questions to where one can "leave encouraged and feel more empowered to serve their ministries to their best abilities as technicians and leaders."

The Digital Great Commission
By David Leuschner · April 6, 2017 • Avoid being one of those churches that miss the calling of a tech, and reinforce a tech's naturally negative suspicion that they are just tasked to "do things."

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